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For members only; Private Group Sessions, please contact us first to book your group slot.

*Please note: You are required to complete our COVID-19 registration form which is compulsory CLICK HERE.

Private GROUP Sessions


*You may share your group session with another group




1 5 £50

We recommend that the group selects a group leader who will book the session on the behalf of the other participants. The group leader therefore is responsible for the payment of the group session and will be the main point of contact.

Once your group session has been approved, the group leader will be sent a payment link to make payment. On completion of the payment, your group session slot will be booked.

*All our group sessions are booked in groups of 5 people only. We do accept larger group bookings of 5 people or more, however the cost per group will remain the same, therefore you would be required to buy a second group slot for the additional people.

Please also note that all participants are required to complete our COVID-19 Registration Form to use our gym.

FREE Trial for adults only

SN Combat Academy is offering a FREE trial session for adults 18yrs and over for both male and female.

Whether you want to stay fit or be the next big UK fighter, this is the gym for you.

Contact Khru Sam to book your slot.

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