Croydon's Leading Muaythai Gym

About Croydon.

Croydon SN Combat Academy is the centre and heart of the Croydon community. The Croydon academy is fast becoming the place for UK's top fighters and up and coming fighters looking to take the next step.

Head coach Khru Sam Nankani’s combat system stems from the realisation that fighting is an art and as such requires as much brain as brawn. The SN Combat style is not rigid and unbending but like a reed before the wind it is flexible. It is not static and predictable but dynamic, constantly evolving and growing.

Sam Nankani is widely recognised as a master, and those of his students that are fully under him are able to stand on the shoulders of a giant in combat sports.


"One Family One Tribe"


Told he could never fight again, read the story of Sam Nankani.

Grand Unified World Champion

“My Style of Fighting is Innovative, Elusive and Very Effective. It will continue to face off all challenges in COMBAT SPORTS with passion and produce Champions Time & Time Again.”

Khru Sam Nankani