Tribute to Former Fighters

Valentino Theopani aka The Witty One

Fight Record:

Amateur Record 2-1-0

Pro Record 1-0-0

6th December 2018 we lost a family member. A son and a brother to not only his siblings but to everyone in the gym. A kind hearted young man with his whole life ahead of him. It warms our hearts to know although you were away from the gym for the majority of this year due to injury - you still had us in your thoughts by often volunteering and keeping in contact.

It puts a smile on our faces to know that you went into eternal sleep wearing the KO hoodie and we will never forget you. Your wittiness, your smile, your warmth, your desire to help others - your memory will forever live on. We love you Tino...

May you rest in eternal sleep. Prayers to your friends, family and loved ones. We will never forget you Tino...