SN Combat achievements include, Grand Unified World Champion - K1, MMA & Submission Wrestling - Holding over 28 World Sanctioned Bodies & World Governing Federation`s Unified World Title Belt in ONE.

15 Muay Thai Champions Holding 37 Thai Boxing Titles

23 K1 Kickboxing Champions Holding 47 K1 Titles


8 World Muay Thai & K1 Champions with 10 World Championship Belts & 10 Gold Medals
4 World Muay Thai & 5 K1 Silver Medalists
5 International Muay Thai & K1 Prestige Champions
5 European Muay Thai & K1 Champions / 2 K1 Gold medals
1 European K1 Bronze Medalist
13 British Muay Thai & K1 Champions
10 English Muay Thai & K1 Champions
23 Southern Area Muay Thai & K1 Champions
1 Ringmasters K1 Champion
3 LFC K1 Champions
1 Superfight Series 8 Man K-1 Tournament Winner
1 NGC K1 Champion
1 Victory Fights K1 Champion

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