Khru Sam Nankani

Khru Sam Nankani Founder & Head Coach of SN Combat Academy
In 2009, SN Combat Gym was opened in South London where I was able to teach and transfer the Knowledge and experience gained and pass on my own Unique style of Fighting called SN Combat to aspiring fighters.

As a producer of Professional & Amateur Champions, I am proud to say I have trained numerous fighters in the art of SN Combat and have produced 41 Champions and 5 UK no 1's so far to date.

"All who walk through my door are trained to a high standard and are guaranteed a unique training experience."

Currently, I am GCO Vice President Ringsports for K1 & Thai Boxing, GCO England President for MMA & Boxing and England Head Coach overseeing England Squad training for World Championships and GCO Officials.

My achievements have led to me being awarded the prestigious Grand Unified World Champion Title and Belt. The transition in competing in both Stand Up & MMA at the same tournaments and fighting in all these disciplines has never been done before in the history of World Championships and combat sports. I have also produced 2 Thai Boxing World Champions on the same day of finals with both my fighters picking up Gold Medals.

Apart from running a full-time gym, I have also setup and founded a charity in 2009 known as Thaiboxing Community Centre in order to reach out to disadvantaged young people through the use of martial arts within my local community.

The community centre provides opportunities for all, with some of my attendees becoming active fighters as well as fully qualified instructors.

My hearts desire and passion is to see as many lives change for the better through the use of the sport which has helped change my life, giving me discipline, structure and routine for which I am better person for it.

A happy and healthy community is a better and safer community.


59 World Thai Boxing & K1 Kickboxing Champions
28 World Silver Medalists in Thai Boxing & K1 Kickboxing
11 World Bronze Medalists in Thai Boxing & K1 Kickboxing

Reon Wong aka The Beast

I started my martial arts journey in February 2017, when I first walked through the doors at SN Combat Academy (formally KO Next Generation). I had a childhood dream of becoming a martial artist and a fighter at the highest levels.

After speaking to Master Sam Nankani and hearing his journey, along with how he not only accomplished great things but also built champions in the fighters that followed the formula set out. I knew this was the place for me and the guidance I needed to not only better myself as a man, but to achieve my dreams.

I step with Master Sam in true belief and pure faith.

I am grateful to be part of the instructors team within my SN Combat family.

I was recently graded as a brown belt in SN Combat, Mauy Thai & Kickboxing.


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IKF -95kg Southern Regional champion
ISKA British 88kg champion
Currently ranked 5th UK

Current Grade

Brown Belt in SN Combat
Brown Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing

Elia Dewu aka Royal Princess

Elia Diane Dewu is a professional Muay Thai and kickboxing fighter. She has started her journey in martial arts at SN Combat Gym in 2015 initially to lose weight and become healthier however she quickly fell in love with the lifestyle, the physical aspect, the community, the discipline, and the journey. She is now a K1 European Bronze Medalist, a K1 World Silver Medalist, and Victory Fight Bantamweight Title holder.

I was recently graded as a brown belt in SN Combat, Mauy Thai & Kickboxing.


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UK Ranking:
K1 #3
Thaiboxing #6

Current Grade

Brown Belt In Kickboxing & Thaiboxing
Brown Belt In Sam Nankani Combat

Ian Barrett

Started my journey with Khru Sam Nankani back in 2009 when 'SN Combat Academy' was known as KO south, this was an easy decision to join back then as I wanted to learn the techniques of SN Combat which is now a recognised martial art.

I was always one of the first people to arrive, I originally joined to learn Self defense and I knew nothing about Muay Thai. From my first impressions and following months of me going, I learnt the ways of Kru Sam Nankani and his different fighting style.

I believe it is a unique way and has proven itself to make champions, and most importantly he was very warm, welcoming and the club is very family oriented.

Over the years my knowledge and discipline grew and in a way which has enhanced me to the person I am today.

I was graduated to a purple belt and have now been given the honours to teach my passion and love for the sport of martial arts.

Current Grade

Purple Belt in SN Combat
Purple Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing

Gavin Harrop

After leaving the armed forces in 2019 and leaving my home town of Manchester I moved to London. In search of a new challenge I began searching for my place in Muay Thai gyms around London. I found SN Combat after much research and have never looked back.

Within the SN combat gym I found a unique community and was instantly welcomed . Each person that attends the gym becomes part of a family, with each member eager to improve themselves and the wider community by training martial arts. As a TBCC instructor I will be taking evening classes and will enjoy watching everyone that attends become a new version of themselves.

The unique style of SN Combat taught by Kru Sam is recognised worldwide and I feel privileged to be part of the journey. Training at the gym will improve mental and physical health and you can become part of a family united by martial arts.

Current Grade

Orange Belt in SN Combat
Orange Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing

Siggi Shehi Selvendran

My name is Siggi (Shehi) and I started my journey of learning Muay Thai few years back when 'SN Combat Academy' was known as KO south as SN Combat is now a recognised martial art.

I immediately fell in love with the martial art itself in every aspect, from clinching to sweeps to elbows. Even though I was not able to train consistently through the years, I have recently begun focusing and spending time on learning and improving myself through the guidance of my mentor and coach Khru Sam Nankani.

Through this journey I was honoured to have the opportunity to teach and learn from the upcoming younger, high prospect calibre kids and have been enjoying ever since.

I've researched and understood how one can develop their character and themselves by practising Muay Thai, learning discipline and vital principles taught at my gym, which I then transfer into the real world.

The benefits are countless and anyone who would like to learn self defence or just to exercise and stay fit, I will tell you one thing for sure; Muay Thai goes beyond just kicking and punching, you will evolve as an individual, a human and evolve to another level.

Current Grade

Yellow Belt in SN Combat
Yellow Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing

Celia Jordan

I started training in Muay Thai six years ago at a gym in Bristol and have been hooked ever since. Having watched the fighters at SN Combat competing at both interclub and professional levels, I was drawn in by their unique style and abilities in the ring. I made the decision to move to SN in order to learn this recognised and respected fighting style, created by Khru Sam Nankani.

Since joining the SN family my eyes have been opened to a whole new realm of Muay Thai and I have felt my skills and techniques improve in new and exciting ways.

As a TBCC volunteer instructor I have been running classes for mothers and daughters twice a week which has recently become a more permanent fixture at the Thai Boxing Community Centre(TBCC). Watching the girls develop their skills and technique, as well make new friends and grow in self confidence, has been both an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Training in Muay Thai will not only improve your health and fitness but also your mental strength as you will be taught valuable life lessons that transfer into the real world.

Whether you want to get fit, lose weight, develop a greater self-esteem or work on your technique, I will adapt each session to the needs and goals of the individual.

Current Grade

Yellow Belt in SN Combat
Yellow Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing


I walked through the doors of SN Combat (KO South, at the time) some six years ago as a complete newcomer to combat sports. Since then, under the watchful mentorship of Khru Sam Nankani, I have improved my fitness, confidence and skills and developed a passion for Muay Thai and K1-kickboxing.

During my time with the gym I have been consistently impressed with the community spirit amongst members and the drive to help each other improve. From novices to pro fighters there is always something new to learn.

As a volunteer with the Thai Boxing Community Centre (TBCC), and as an instructor at SN Combat itself, I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to pass on the knowledge and experience I have acquired from Khru Sam.

For me, Muay Thai is as much a mental endeavour as it is physical and I aim to bring this across in my sessions.

Current Grade

Yellow Belt in SN Combat
Yellow Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing

Katherine Garcia

I started my journey with SNCombat in 2017 when it used to be KO Next Gen. When I originally joined it was to learn a bit of self defence, as well as to get fit but it quickly escalated into an addiction.

I love training. It has built my character, strengthened my mind and pushed me beyond my limits. I trust in Master Sam and I believe that his style is unique and special.

Life seems easier when you believe in yourself and have somebody who also believes in you.

SN has taught me about the importance of family and I feel extremely grateful for being given the opportunity to be able to spread our knowledge.

So for what ever your reason is for joining us, SN will not only cater to that but you will also find a family in us.

Current Grade

Yellow Belt in SN Combat
Yellow Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing
Daniel Amoakoh SN Combat Instructor

Daniel Amoakoh

My name is Daniel and I started my journey in Kickboxing, K1 , Muay Thai and SN Combat in 2019.

I have been a big fan of mixed martial arts since school and always wanted to train.
I searched best kickboxing gyms in Croydon and SN Combat was the first gym to pop up.

I started training and realised the pro fighters I sparred with had a unique style with similar movements and wanted to learn more.

This was the SN Combat style developed by Khru Sam Nankani. This style has developed many champions and I am proud to train and progress at SN Combat.

I am now delighted to be taken on as a coach to teach beginners and juniors.

Current Grade

Yellow Belt in SN Combat
Yellow Belt in Thai boxing & kickboxing




Unit 4, 44A
Gloucester Road

Mobile: +44 7552 162638


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