Elia Dewu Challenges WKU World Champion Sarah Kobeissi

On Saturday, June 9th, the picturesque town of Kassel in Germany became the stage for an electrifying showdown as our very own Elia Dewu faced off against the reigning WKU world champion, Sarah Kobeissi. The event, meticulously organised by Kobeissi’s coach, drew a passionate local crowd eager to witness this high-stakes 5×3-minute K-1 World Title Fight, set at a weight of 55kg.

K-1 World Title Fight with Elia Dewu in the ring with Sarah Kobeissi

However, the journey to the fight was fraught with challenges. With train cancellations from Frankfurt, Elia was forced to undergo her weigh-in at 6:30 pm instead of the originally scheduled 2 pm. This unforeseen delay added an extra layer of complexity to an already intense preparation process.

From the moment the bell rang, it was clear that this would be no ordinary fight. Elia met the champion head-on, demonstrating remarkable skill and tenacity. Despite the draining effects of her weight cut, which became evident by the end of the second round, Elia showcased extraordinary resilience. Her devastating knees to the head and body were a spectacle, significantly slowing down Kobeissi’s relentless barrage of punches.

K-1 World Title Fight with Elia Dewu in the ring with Sarah Kobeissi 2

In rounds four and five, Elia’s fierce determination shone through. She inflicted a bloody nose on her opponent, a testament to her striking power and tactical prowess. The crowd watched in awe as Elia pushed the champion to her limits, ensuring a fight that would be remembered for its intensity and skill.

K1 World Title Fight poster

Ultimately, the judges awarded a split decision victory to the reigning champion. The German audience, witnessing their champion pushed to the very edge, erupted in respectful applause. Elia Dewu’s performance was nothing short of phenomenal, earning her admiration and respect from all corners.

Well done, Elia! You fought valiantly and represented SN Combat Academy with unparalleled honor and skill.

head coach and Elia travel to K1 World Title Fight