Khan Shines with Double K-1 Golds at ISKA Championships

On May 26th, 2024, in Birmingham, our junior fight team delivered another stellar performance at the ISKA English National Championships. Among the highlights of the event was Anas “Graceful” Khan, who captured double gold in K-1 across two different weight divisions.

Khan wins double K-1 golds

Anas demonstrated exceptional skill and versatility, earning gold medals in both categories and solidifying his reputation as a formidable fighter. His graceful yet powerful technique impressed everyone in attendance and brought great honor to our team.

The entire team showed remarkable determination and skill, contributing to our gym’s overall success. With our fighters’ outstanding performances, we proudly secured the top spot in the league standings for overall performance across the country.

This triumph highlights the dedication and talent of our athletes, as well as the unwavering support and excellent coaching provided by our gym. We look forward to building on this success and achieving even greater heights in future competitions.

ISKA English National Championships poster