The Clash of Titans: Milo Relf Faces Off Against Muay Thai Giant Michael Dorozuk

The Wolverhampton Fight Series roared to life on February 17th, 2024, showcasing an epic battle between two formidable contenders: Milo Relf and the towering 6ft 7 giant, Michael Dorozuk, hailing from the renowned 8 Strikes Corner Gym. Set in the arena of amateur muay thai, this clash unfolded over 5 intense rounds, each lasting 1.5 minutes, in a CatchWeight showdown.

For Milo, this marked his debut under the banner of SN, stepping into the ring for only his second amateur fight after a hiatus. His opponent, Michael, posed a daunting challenge with his sheer height, creating formidable barriers for Milo to overcome.

From the opening bell, Milo displayed tenacity and skill, engaging his opponent with a barrage of powerful strikes. However, Michael’s adept use of both hands and legs allowed him to score consistently throughout the match, while Milo focused on targeting his opponent’s head with ferocious blows.

The atmosphere crackled with energy as both fighters commanded the attention of the crowd, elevating the intensity of the spectacle. Moments of suspense gripped the audience, particularly in the fourth and fifth rounds, as Milo managed to stagger his opponent with powerful blows, though lacking the stamina to capitalize on these opportunities for a decisive finish.

In the end, the judges awarded Michael the victory by a unanimous points decision, yet the referee and even Michael’s own coach recognized the closeness of the bout, suggesting it warranted an additional round.

Despite the outcome, Milo embraced the experience as a valuable lesson, acknowledging the areas for improvement as he sets his sights on his next challenge. Undeterred, he looks ahead to the Muaythai Grand Prix at Crystal Palace next month, eager to showcase his growth and determination in the ring.

In the world of amateur muay thai, every fight is a crucible of skill, courage, and determination, and Milo Relf stands ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead on his journey to greatness.