Resilience in Defeat: A Warrior’s Journey in the Octagon

Barrett vs Rasulov November 2023

In the unforgiving world of mixed martial arts, victories and defeats are not just outcomes; they are lessons etched into the journey of a fighter. Unfortunately, Ian “SN Combat” Barrett recently faced a setback in his MMA bout, succumbing to a leg lock submission towards the end of the first round. It’s in these moments…

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Triumph: SN’s Warriors Conquer ISKA British Open Championships

Khan and Ahmed @ ISKA British Open Championships 2023

On the eventful date of November 19, 2023, SN assembled a formidable team of warriors, including Yousef Mortimer, Anas Khan and Yasmin Ahmed, to partake in the highly competitive ISKA BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS. The results were nothing short of spectacular, with three new K-1 Champions emerging, bravely taking on international competitors in the fierce battlefield…

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Rising Star Shines Bright: Daniel ‘SOLDIER’ Amoakoh’s Spectacular Debut at Muaythai Grand Prix!

Daniel 'SOLDIER' Amoakoh in the ring at the Muaythai Grand Prix

Rising Star Daniel ‘SOLDIER’ Amoakoh’s Spectacular debut yesterday, in an electrifying atmosphere at Muaythai Grand Prix was taken to new heights as two of our fearless Warriors proudly carried the SN Combat banner into battle. Kicking off the night’s exhilarating action was none other than Daniel “SOLDIER” Amoakoh, who chose this grand stage for his…

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Khru Sam Nankani: 6th Dan Black Belt and Master of SN Combat

Khru-Sam-Nankani-6th Dan Black Belt and Master of SN Combat 2

Khru Sam Nankani is widely recognized for his distinctive martial arts fighting style, famously known as SN Combat. Back in 2014, he left an indelible mark on the martial arts landscape. He showcased his skills at a prestigious event that featured over 40 World Federations, drawing more than 5000 participants from a staggering 107 countries.…

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Rising Star: Shaizab’s Fearless Debut in the Headshot Fight Arena

Shaizab SN Combat Academy 1

With just one year of experience at SN, 15-year-old sensation @ssshahzaibbb fearlessly embraced a monumental challenge for his headshot fight debut. His opponent, a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner since the age of 8, had accrued significant experience in headshot fights, typically competing in the 71-73kg weight class. Shaizab embarked on an incredible journey, shedding substantial…

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Experience the Thrill of Bowy Bitshuangu’s Incredible K-1 Debut Showdown!

🥊 Hold onto your seats, because Saturday, August 20th, marked a momentous occasion as our very own Bowy Bitshuangu stepped into the electrifying world of amateur K-1 fighting. The adrenaline was pumping as he squared off against an equally formidable contender hailing from Kenshiro Gym. 🏆 Drum roll, please, for a resounding round of applause…

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21CFC Muaythai Junior Open Championships

Sunday 16th July some of our U18 fighters took to the ring to participate at the 21CFC – Muaythai Junior Open Championships. SN Combat Academy took 4 Juniors and a New Muaythai Open Champion was created. Ibrahim – Winner Gold Medalist ChampionYousuf – Silver MedalistYasmin – Silver MedalistAnas – Bronze MedalistShahzaib – Silver Medalist All…

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The Chopper 5th Round KO

Khru Siggy aka “The Chopper “ finished the year in style at the 8 Limbs Fighting Championships on the 3rd December 2022.  Khru Siggy took on Sami Ekbani a tough opponent from 8 Limbs Gym in a Pro C Class Bout. Siggy showed his class and technique to out fight his opponent before defeating Sami…

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