Victory at Fight Series 7 Against Seasoned Thai Fighter

Siggy @ Fight Series 7 In Wolverhampton (1)

Siggy Shines: Victory at Fight Series 7 Against Seasoned Thai Fighter In the electrifying arena of Fight Series 7 in Wolverhampton, SN Combat Academy’s Siggy faced off against a seasoned Thai fighter with over a decade of experience. This 5-round battle promised to be a clash of styles and willpower. Facing the Fury: Round-by-Round Breakdown…

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Yasmin Triumphs in Epic 5-Round Battle at Fight Series 7

Fight Series 7 (1)

In the heart of Wolverhampton, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation as SN Combat Academy’s Yasmin Ahmed stepped into the ring once again to face off against Chloe Murphy from Chonbury Muaythai. This time, it was a 5-round junior Muay Thai bout, with a twist—body harnesses were the norm, and headshots were off-limits. The stage was…

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The Lion’s Roar: Milo Relf Triumphs at 8 Limbs Fighting Championships

Milo Relf @ 8 Limbs Fighting Championships

In the heart-pounding arena of the 8 Limbs Fighting Championships, where grit meets glory and every punch tells a tale of determination, one fighter’s journey stood out amidst the chaos. Milo Relf, known affectionately as the Lion Heart, faced his second trial under the banner of SN, stepping into the ring against the formidable hometown…

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Yasmin Ahmed Dominates in Thrilling K1 and Muay Thai Bout

Yasmin Ahmed: Triumph in the Ring Witnessing sheer determination and skill collide in the world of martial arts is a sight to behold. On the electrifying night of March 9th, 2024, at the Lordswood Leisure Centre, spectators were treated to an unforgettable showdown as Yasmin “Clean Heart” Ahmed stepped into the ring for an amateur…

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A Thrilling Muay Thai Showdown at Lordswood Leisure Centre

Get ready to witness an electrifying spectacle as two formidable fighters, Anas “The Graceful” Khan and the young prodigy Ibrahim Iqbal, clash in an adrenaline-fueled Muay Thai showdown at the prestigious Lordswood Leisure Centre. On the fateful night of March 9th, 2024, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as these warriors stepped into the ring.…

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The Chopper 5th Round KO

Khru Siggy aka “The Chopper “ finished the year in style at the 8 Limbs Fighting Championships on the 3rd December 2022.  Khru Siggy took on Sami Ekbani a tough opponent from 8 Limbs Gym in a Pro C Class Bout. Siggy showed his class and technique to out fight his opponent before defeating Sami…

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