Resilience in Defeat: A Warrior’s Journey in the Octagon

Barrett vs Rasulov November 2023

In the unforgiving world of mixed martial arts, victories and defeats are not just outcomes; they are lessons etched into the journey of a fighter. Unfortunately, Ian “SN Combat” Barrett recently faced a setback in his MMA bout, succumbing to a leg lock submission towards the end of the first round. It’s in these moments…

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Triumph: SN’s Warriors Conquer ISKA British Open Championships

Khan and Ahmed @ ISKA British Open Championships 2023

On the eventful date of November 19, 2023, SN assembled a formidable team of warriors, including Yousef Mortimer, Anas Khan and Yasmin Ahmed, to partake in the highly competitive ISKA BRITISH OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS. The results were nothing short of spectacular, with three new K-1 Champions emerging, bravely taking on international competitors in the fierce battlefield…

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